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Dust Filtration : Cages
Crosible cages are custom built in 10 / 12 / 16 / 20 longitude wires using mostly 3.15 and 4mm steel wires.

A variety of stainless steel and carbon steel are used with various finishings:

  1. Powder coating for up to 150 degree C
  2. Black edge primer for higher temperatures
  3. Electro galvanising to accommodate conductive / antistatic bags


Cage top designs vary from:

  1. Venturis
  2. Ring Tops
  3. Split Collars
  4. Flat Collars

In most cases an end cap is used for the base of our cages. For longer cages we design a knuckle joint, or sometimes a ring joint to extend the cages.


Elongated cages are provided with special knuckle joints or ring joints. Dalamatic cages and Filcomatic cages are available ex-stock. Cages can be custom built to suit any requirement.



Cages, custom made to suit any baghouse application

  • 12, 24 wire cages
  • Galvanized/Power coated
  • Venturies
  • Dalamatic cages
  • Knuckle joint
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Filter Cages
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