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Crosible leads in innovation, quality service and technical expertise. We are committed to provide effective solutions to the problems posed by today’s sophisticated filtration installations.

Crosible boasts 3 automatic tubing lines rendering our capacity to more than 1000 filter bags a day.

Leak free fusing technology.

Two thermal fusing welders are used to manufacture many filter bags with no longdetudal stitches.

With our ability to fuse PTFE membrane fabrics Crosible is able to achieve the Near-Zero emission levels to well below 5 mg/Nm3.

Supa seals

Supa seals are great to prevent long heavy bags from falling trough the cell plate holes.

When facing an installation with various diameter tube sheet holes, supa seals can ensure a perfect leak free fit.

The 0.41 differenece

“ Our Snap Bands snaps like no other, like POP, its riveting .

Snap bands are 0.41 mm thick spring steel, snapping in with more force and closing pressure, ensuring the best fit and seal. All snap bands are riveted together ensuring the most secure joint in a snap band

Dalamatic & Filcomatic filter bags

All Dalamatic filter bags have solid one piece felt seals, better seals provide lower emissions.

Most Dalamatic filter bags are not sewn, but thermally fused to provide a leak free design, guaranteeing lower emissions.

Standard needlefelts have their limitations, and at Crosible Filtration we offer numerous treatments and coatings, to improve process performance.

The needling process & Applying a robust scrim , providing strength and stability to the Needle punched felts .

Fleuro-Seal FS24

A Fleuro-Silicon submerge treatment to render the Standard felts with Water and Oil repellence. Improving dust discharge where moisture and oils are present in the flu gas .


Acid Resistant AR 

A PTFE-Silicon submerge treatment improves chemical resistance especially where elevated moistures are causing premature Hydrolysis of the fibres.


Epitropic antistatic EP 

 5 % Carbon fibres are blended into the felt during the needling process, rendering the needlefelts conductive. Especially where organic dusts prone to instantaneous combustion can cause explosions in a bag house.

Evaluation report on failed filter bags

Permeability metering of a used filter bag
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