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Filter Plates

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Recess Chamber Plates

A wide variety of filter plates are available to suit any process 470 mm to 2000 mm plates.

  1. High or Low pressure filtration
  2. Centre feed , bottom , top or corner feed plates .
  3. Open discharge with spigots or closed discharge design.
  4. Gasketed or sealed filter cloths
  5. Automatic or manual plate shifting.
  6. Wash or standard filtration.

Membrane Filter Plates

Crosible Membrane plates are manufactured from HP Polypropylene , in a variety of different sizes.

Special empty chamber squeeze design is available in combination with a cross corner port air blow .This allows for a very dry end product

Plate and Frames

Plate and frames are supplied for various cake thicknesses and different processes.

Various Handles, Spigots & Spouts, cloth dogs and cake scrapers are available.

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