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Rubber Necks 

Rubber Evoprene necks are sewn into the feed ports to combat aggressive abrasion and premature wear in the neck area. Various sizes are available for the various thicknesses and port diameters.

Cloth Necks 

All cloth necks are latex coated to render them impermeable and help core cleaning during cycles. Double neck tapes are supplied and yarns sealed with latex blue sealant to ensure ultra fine particles don’t slip through the cloth necks.

Latex Edges

Blue Latex is painted on the edge of some press cloths to help the seal the press and reduce the wicking of liquid from between the filter plates. The Blue latex is resistant to most mineral acids and alkalis.

Picture Frame Seal

When plates are worn and don’t seal very well, a needle felt picture frame is cut out and sewn on the edges of the filter cloth to reduce the leaking.

Mantini Inlay

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